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Cloud Migration

Cloud provides the speed you need to become a digital business. TeleAce helps you achieve this faster and with less risk. We’re experts in how cloud applications are designed and managed, integrated across systems and devices, and secured and governed. We are also one of the leading experts on designing, deploying and managing cloud ecosystems.

How does the enterprise implement a cloud strategy to achieve all this?

Many enterprises are looking to move applications and workloads to the cloud by adopting Microsoft Azure, Office 365, AWS, Google Cloud and others. Some enterprises try to make this move via a “forklift” approach to the cloud. But without a holistic perspective, this approach can fail.
The cloud is a robust environment that, when utilized in the right way, can enable the digital workplace. Many applications and workloads are interrelated and dependent on one another, but their integration isn’t automatic when moved to the cloud, especially not with an enterprise’s existing backend systems. Companies that address the integration challenge incorrectly or incompletely risk business disruptions. A cloud transformation strategy should take legacy applications into account. And it should continue with a strategy for continuing maintenance and management.Companies that engage TeleAce for their cloud transformations and managed services are doing so to gain the benefits of the cloud more quickly, mitigate risk and support critical operations.

TeleAce and its team have delivered multiple data center and private cloud migrations to many companies and have migrated multiple-hundreds of applications.

While we recognise that every customer is different and will have unique starting points and levels of operational maturity, we bring in a set of consulting capabilities along with our unique IP including artefacts ready to customise to your requirements such as RFPs, methodology, design documents, test plans, programme plans, and business cases.

We know how to set up and deliver not only the data centre / cloud migration projects but also the surrounding programme of change. We understand that often times, migration of applications to target destinations also includes major transformation in the way the applications and platforms are operated and changed. We are as comfortable to talk about and design application architecture as we are to talk about and design target operating models.

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