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Livebox is the best live media solution available today that helps in streamlining any content creation and distribution workflow.
By using livebox within your business, organization, channel, studio or TV station, you can straight away reduce your existing costs by over 50% because of the competitive pricing of the service and the ability to deploy instant solutions for your clients with the most minimal learning curve.
Livebox is built for high performance and requires no performance tuning. Livebox has in-built security features that can be simply turned on for different scenarios.

At TeleAce, We Provide

- Secure and private live streaming services
- Secure and private video hosting services
- Dedicated live video streaming channels
- Live and Recorded Videos Viewable in multiple computer/tablet/mobile phone platforms
- Detailed reports on streaming usage such as demographics, viewing times and viewer locations.
- Personal live streaming video webpage with multiple live video channels
- IPTV Solutions

- Dedicated Mobile Apps to telecast your live and recorded videos